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Why Us?

Why choose a locally owned pizza restaurant? If you like delicious pizza with fresh ingredients, you’ll choose Napoli's Pizzeria we are a locally owned and operated pizza restaurant that offers Pizza, Salads, Pasta and More in Richlands, NC.

Who We Are

At the age of seventeen, I started out in 1992 as a delivery driver for an independently owned pizzeria (New York Pizzeria). By the time I was eighteen, I was involved in managing that business. At nineteen I went back to school but continued working. I picked up a second job at the beach at a Pizzeria called Long Island Pizza. I left school in 1995 and began working at Michaelangelo’s Pizza & Subs in Jacksonville. In 1997 and was promoted to assistant manager in the new Michaelangelo’s located in Swansboro. From 1999 until 2007 I managed the Emerald Isle Michaelangelo’s. In 2008 I went to work for Lazzara’s Pizzeria where I managed three different locations during my five years there. In 2013 I opened my own Pizzeria. I’ve been in the pizza business since 1992 and I’ve never worked for a corporate pizza place. All my experience has been in independently owned New York style Pizzerias.

Brick Oven Pizza and Fresh Ingredients

If you haven’t tried a brick oven pizza, you’re in for a treat! Napoli's Pizzeria provide a great taste that will keep you running back for more. You will fall in love with the unique satisfying flavor. Napoli's Pizzeria offers a quick cook time so there’s no waiting. The result is a great tasting pizza, loaded with healthy nutrition. In fact, every item on our menu is created with a special recipe and made from fresh ingredients. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

Friendly Service

Your local Napoli's Pizzeria offers a casual dining experience with a friendly atmosphere. When you step into Napoli's Pizzeria, you can leave your cares behind. Expect a satisfying lunch or dinner that is made to perfection each and every time you visit. You will love the service, love the taste and love our wide variety of menu options.

Why Buy Local?

When it comes to local businesses, you are buying a service. Chain pizza parlors are a dime a dozen. Our recipes are authentic and time-tested. Because we are local and family owned, you can taste the pride and dedication in each bite. Scott and the team are dedicated to the community and the people who come into our restaurant every day. We work hard to provide the best service and the best tasting pizza in the area.

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